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Upcoming Trip June 2017



In June, I´m gonna visit South Korea for a little bit more than 2 weeks. Actually I don`t made some big plans. Spontaneous is what makes a trip much more interesting. Isn’t it when you try to make plans it never get out like how you really want it. So i let the great things come over me.


Over course I have some things I really wanted to do. That´s for examples:

  • Hiking on the Bukan-san or called Bukan Moutain near Seoul Korea
  • Watching a Baseball Game & a Soccer Game
  • meet my Korean friends


South Korea have some much to discover. Actually It is not the first time i travel to this beautiful country. It has beautiful beaches, incredible mountains and a cool Metropolitan  City of SEOUL.


For now I am to upgrade my camera equipment and looking to buying a Drone to make some nice video shoots and photos from the air.


So excited this will be my second Series and here is from the last times i visit South Korea before. Enjoy the video blog and feel free the comment and share with your friends this video.




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