The Republic of Macedonia

Hello Guys,

Yes, It have been a long time that I haven’t write something but I went spontaneous for a Trip to the Republic of Macedonia.

After few days off of work, I booked a airplane Ticket to Skopje The Republic of Macedonia.

The Republic of Macedonia is situated in the Balkan Region, between Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece.

My first Impression about the Country was very positive. The locals are very friendly and open minded. Not feel shy to tourists and speak very fluent English. At the first day I need to change my Euros into Macedonia Dinars. So I worried if i will not get ripped off in a money exchange, But very positive impressed that the peoples in the exchange office give me the exact amount as i saw in the internet EURO MACEDONIA Dinar.

The Capital is not that huge so it is Easy to get by your feet around. All the main attractions are located in the city centre (Stone Bridge, Skopje Fortress, City Centre with the sculptures of Alexandre the Great, Mustafa Phasa Mosque & the Old Bazaar).

The restaurants are for Western Peoples very cheap. A meal cost you around 5 to 8 Euros, and I am talking about the city centre prices. Local cheap stores/ restaurants are more cheaper around 1,50 Euro until 4 Euro.

The Rep. of Macedonia is The country where the East culture meets the West culture. You can feel the Muslim & Orthodox religion in one place. What makes this country so unique that it is really the gate to East & West, Turkish influence, mixed with Albania Culture and that in the Rep. of Macedonia.

What you often hear from the locals it self is that they are tired to battle with they biggest Neighbour Greece. The northern part of Greece called Macedonia. That and many other reasons of the past Greece don’t recognise the Rep. of Macedonia as a country and makes the Rep. of Macedonia difficult joining the EU in the near term future.

The city of Skopje is under construction. You can see gigantic Sculptures in the City. The funniest is that the locals even don’t know who is this Person on the Horse or what the meaning is. Only what got me told is that this sculpture are costing too much money. The sculpture of Alexandre the Great are costed over 25 million Euros, and we are only talking about 1 of many many other sculptures.

Honestly my impression about the city is wonderful. It has a own charm and its not full of tourist what makes it very comfortable to visit it.

Ah, yes I didn’t mention it When you arrived at the Alexandre the Great Airport how to get to the city centre. Well there are two ways to get there 1st is by Taxi what cost you 20 euros and the other is to take a Bus for 3 euros who brings you until the city centre. You can by without problems in euros and even get exchange in euros.

Budget for a 4 days 4 nights trip to the Rep. of Macedonia is around 100 euros up to 200 euros max. for 2 Peoples. Everything is very cheap and you get easily around by walking or by local Bus.

Attractions in Skopje Macedonia

  • Mustafa Phasa Mosque
  • Old Bazaar
  • Skopje Fortress
  • City Centre (Alexandre the Great Sculpture, Shopping, Restaurants)
  • Porta Macedonia
  • Stone Bridge
  • Millennium Cross (10min drive by Taxi)
  • Vodno Mountain (10min drive by Taxi, where also the Millennium Cross is) Perfect for hiking
  • Matka Canyon (30min to 45min Bus ride, but very close to Skopje, perfect for a day trip, Bus departure at the Train Station + buy your tickets in a Yellow Bus)


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