Review of the kingdom of wonder Cambodia

LAST DAY in the kingdom of wonder Cambodia




What can I say about this wonderful country!

Well, Cambodia is a unique country that everybody has to visit once in they life time. My future plan is it to go back to Cambodia and explorer more the south region. Phnom Penh is on my Hit List with the beautiful beaches.

A quick review of the country


ANGKOR the ruins of the ancient Khmer, was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I really enjoying it to discover and explorer this amazing temples with hug heath sculptures.

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Siem Reap was really nice city. Perfect city for young and old couples. Backpackers destination country in Asia on the Top List.


The Angkor Miracle Hotel & Resort, was a dream. I came in the low season in September, it what was the right decision. One good tip for everybody “TRAVEL IN LOW SEASONS“. You can have the swimming pool for yourself, nobody who disturb you. The breakfast buffet was very delicious and the dishes was yummy yummy.  A BIG TUMBS UP for the Hotel Resort.


General Tips for you:

  • TukTuk is around 15 to 20 USD per day.
  • TukTuk one way to City around 3 to 6 USD.
  • When you visit Angkor Ruins, bring enough water (you gonna walk a lot) and most of the drinks around the Angkor Ruins are to much expensive.
  • Food dishes around 5 to 12 USD maximum. (honest to say you will low the food and the milkshakes in Cambodia)
  • Massages in the city from 1 USD up to 20 USD (15min up to few hours).





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