One of the 7th Wonder of the World “Angkor Wat”

A Journey to Cambodia the kingdom of wonder 🇰🇭  Part IV




Day 4

A dream come true. I finally see the ruins of Angkor Wat with my own eyes.

Early morning i preparing myself and took a Tuck Tuck Driver to bring me to Angkor Wat for a day. One full day for yourself will cost you around 15 to 20 USD.




Mr. Reth was so kindly to bring me the whole day around the ruins and even buy some fresh cold water during this very hot weather. My own experience bring enough water with you because you gonna perspire like a monkey.

After i bought a 3 day entry tickets to Archeological Park of Angkor. We driving straight to the park.



You must possess an admission pass (an ‘Angkor Pass’) to visit the temples and sites in the Angkor Archaeological Park. Passes may be purchased at the main entrance on the road to Angkor Wat.

Passes are sold in one-day ($20), three-day ($40) and seven-day ($60) blocks that must be used on consecutive days. Photo taken on the spot with free of charge is required at time of purchase.

Visiting hours are 5:00AM – 6:00PM. Angkor Wat closes at 6:00PM, Banteay Srey closes at 5:00PM and Kbal Spean at 3:00PM. Always carry your ticket. It will be checked upon each park entry and at major temples. There is a significant fine for not possessing a valid ticket inside the park. A regular admission ticket is not required to visit Phnom Kulen, Koh Ker or Beng Melea, but there is a separate entrance fee of $20, $10 and $5, respectively.


The Entrance to the Park was a little bit hectic because many local peoples try to sell you everything, from Food, Water and local clothes.

After you pass the path over the water to the Temple of Angkor Wat. It takes your breath away. The wonderful huge temples located in the middle of a Jungle. Stunning.



Inside of the Temple you can find incredible hand made sculptures and amazing architecture.



It`s so huge that you need minimum 2 to 3 hours to visit Angkor Wat temples. The archeological Angkor Park is tremendous big. You can compare the Park with a city like London in his size.

My Review:        👍🏻

A stunning temples, one of the 7th wonders of the world. A must to go there and to see it with your own eyes.

Bring enough water during your visits in the temples.

That`s how i explorer the ruins of Angkor Wat

Don´t miss the next Blog entry about my Journey to Cambodia the kingdom of wonder

Stay cool and see you soon again.

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  1. I can relate to this. Great post!!


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