The gorgeous Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 

The one & only Duchy in the World 


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg a very small Royal country situated between Belgium, France and Germany.

Its the only Duchy thats still existing in the World. This very tiny country with around little bit more as 500 000 inhabitants. The country is leading by a Duc (Grand Duc Henri) and the chamber of deputies (located directly next to the Grand Ducal Palace).


(* This is the chamber of deputies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

The country have a gorgeous Palace, the Grand Ducal Palace. This palace is located in the city center of Luxembourg. The capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Is it possible to visit the Grand Ducal Palace?  😲

Yes, it is possible. 🤗

The Palace is open during the Summer holidays from mid July until first week of September.

The entrance tickets are available at the City tourist office in the city Center. (* 250m away from the Grand Ducal Palace). In the City tourist office you also can find additional informations of the country & the city of Luxembourg)

  • entrance fee are 10 EUR for adults & 5 EUR for childrens
  • Open from Monday till Sunday (10 a.m – 6 p.m)
  • Duration of the sightseeing  ( 45 min.)


During the sightseeing of the palace you will discover the different decoration rooms, welcome Salon Room & a lot of art sculpture/ paintings.



The interior of the Palace is gorgeous. When you arrive in the main entrance you can see directly this wonderful stairs following straight up to the main Hall room. Each room have his individual charm & long series of surprises. The walls  are decorate with cold.


The Palace is protected by Army Guards and you can watch them walking down/ up the Palace including the army movements with whose gun.

My Review:   “worth to discover”   👍🏻

The gorgeous palace is definitely worth to visit. Long series of surprises you will discover.


“Be inspired of the one & only Duchy in the World”



But Luxembourg have more to show….. 

(* a special Luxembourg blog will follow soon)


1 thought on “The gorgeous Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 

  1. Awe…we only went to the Casemates and then drove around the offices of the European union before having a lunch in the old town center. Did not go to the Ducal palace! But it looks nice and we’d sure to visit if we get by Luxembourg again!

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