Welcome to the oldest town in Germany 🇩🇪 “Treves”

Treves also known as the Black Gate and the oldest town in Germany 🇩🇪

The city was founded by the Celts in the late 4th century and later was conquered by the Romans by late 1st century (renamed Trevorum).

Today Trier´s population is about 105 000 approximate. The city is situated in the west of Germany close to the boarder with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A short drive to the capital of the Grand Duchy takes you about 40 min (50km) away.

Treves is home to the University of Treves founded in 1473. Many student are in the city, thats why the city have a rich young population. What makes this antique city young.


Tourist Attractions

  • Porta Nigra (the Black Gate)
  • The Cathedral of Treves
  • The Palace of Treves
  • The Roman bath ruins
  • The Roman Colosseum Treves
  • City Center (Market Place)
  • The Luxembourg Tower



For around 12 USD you can get a Antique Card to visit all Romans famous monuments.

(* Info: This card you can buy at the tourist office next to the Porta Nigra & all additional tourist informations for the city)


Porta Nigra (180 af. Christ)




The Treves Cathedral (310 – 320 af. Christ)


(125 meters high and 41 large)

The inside of the Cathedral

Market Place / City Center

The city center have many shopping possibilities with a combination of tourist attractions makes this city amazing for visiting. The peoples very friendly and great German restaurants.


My review:     “great city to explorer” 👍🏻

A very unique city to discover with great history background. A mix of Romans and antique history to explorer.

My highlight of the city:   “best tourist attraction” 👍🏻

Definitely the “Porta Nigra”. To see such a old Roman building from 180 af. Christ is very impressed.


Suggestions:  😉

Planning max.2 full day`s to visit the oldest town of Germany & engough space for the delicous German food.

That´s how i get lost in Treves in the oldest city in Germany





2 thoughts on “Welcome to the oldest town in Germany 🇩🇪 “Treves”

  1. Fantastic sharing! Beautiful indeed the antique city is!

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