A Journey to Cambodia the kingdom of wonder 🇰🇭 PART II

Finally arrive to Cambodia the kingdom of wonder 🇰🇭

In the middle of the night around 3 a.m, finally the plane landed at the Siem Reap International Airport.

On the arrival I applying my tourist Visa. Where i only need 2 Passport Photos and my Passport. (* please note that not every country can apply the tourist visa on arrival). I payed around 40 USD for my Visa, made some finger prints and took my luggage.

I read on Internet Blogs that i takes very long time to apply the tourist visa on the arrival, what is not true. For me it took around 10min. So for everybody who want to go to Cambodia, Apply your tourist Visas on the arrival. Anyway you need to wait for your luggages. 😉

In the arrival Hall the drive is waiting for me and bring me to the Resort. It took around 10 minutes. I was so excited to see the Resort. Actually I payed 280 USD for 5 nights, including breakfast. How crazy is that.  😎😜😍

Welcome to the World-class experience of the Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa

(* here are some Fotos about my wonderful stay in this Resort)

The hotel driver drops me off at the Resort entrance, where the Staff kindly welcoming me. After I Check-In, I totally falling exhausted in the bed and had a great night.

A New Day in the kingdom of wonder 🇰🇭

The new day starting with delicious breakfast and beautiful sunshine.  😎🤗

The breakfast was always delicious & fresh. The Staff cooking the noodles and the fried egg in front of you & and you can choose your own ingredients for your noodle soup. 😋

With very full stomach I discover a little bit the Resort.

“Let`s discover it together” 🤓


(* Part III will follow, a journey to Cambodia the kingdom of wonder) 



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